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[Romand] Zero Velvet Tint Original Series 5.5g

[Romand] Zero Velvet Tint Original Series 5.5g

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Light and velvety matte, its finish is feather-light and soft for a pigmented color that will last all day without flaking. The formula blurs lips for a smooth looking finish! In this line, enjoy a set of colors that are inspired by the beach; helping you achieve that sun-kissed casual look.



·Matte and velvety finish with light and airy texture

·A wide range of MLBB colors for all skin tones

·Bludging_Tint = Blurring + Smudging

·A weightless formula with a matte finish

·Creates a blurred, airbrushed lip look

·A wide range of MLBB shades for all skin tones


How To Use

01. Using the tip to apply gently from the inside part of your lips.

02. Apply a desirable amount on your lips.

03. Let it smudge at the edge of the lips for smudging look.


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