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[theSAEM] Power Ampoule Pore Tight 35ml

[theSAEM] Power Ampoule Pore Tight 35ml

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The Saem Power Ampoule Pore-Tight Serum 35ml is a multipurpose formula loaded with active ingredients that focus on tightening up the pores and controlling sebum production. Defined by the brand as a pore-managing ampoule, this serum is indeed able to visibly reduce the appearance of large pores providing an overall mattified look to the complexion. Although it targets concerns connected to oiliness, the Power Ampoule Pore-Tight Serum does not overdry the skin in the process. In fact, this product equally contributes to moisturized skin, by promoting and instant replenishing action.

All of these benefits are possible thanks to a powerful composition with a unique and exclusive technology. The 7 Sebumless Complex™ present in the formula is a patented plant system that controls sebum production. Furthermore, it equally offers a tightening effect, helping simultaneously with acne troubles. Additionally, an Elastic Network develops a silky layer on the skin surface, filling in the pores and counteracting rough texture.

Given all this, through frequent use, the Power Ampoule Pore-Tight will help you achieve a smoother and more refined complexion. Moreover, your skin will be also nourished and overall healthier.

How To Use

Apply The Saem Power Ampoule Pore-Tight Serum 35ml as part of your morning and/or evening routine. Apply the serum to clean and dry skin, using your fingers to gently spread and tap in the formula.


7 Sebumless Complex™ is an exclusive sebum controlling plant complex that tightens up the pores and helps with acne troubles simultaneously;

Elastic Network is able to create a silky layer on the skin surface that fills in the pores and smooths out roughs texture contributing, therefore to a more even complexion.


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