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[VitalBeautie] Super Collagen Ampoule 30Vials (25mlx30)

[VitalBeautie] Super Collagen Ampoule 30Vials (25mlx30)

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Prevents wrinkles, skin aging, improve skin elasticity & moisture

Product Features Eating collagen ampoule, Collagen from the skin to fill in Eating Collagen to find balance moist skin

Low molecular that quickly absorbed by the body

Contains 1000 mg of hydrolysed collagen, purified water, orange concentrate, citric acid, pectin, sodium oral ginseng, enzyme treated stevia, tea powder, calcium powder mixture, hyaluronic acid, bonito fish protein hydrolysate, vitamin C

How To Use

Take 1 bottle a day before going to bed, so that the body absorbs collagen better.

Drink within 1 month for the results.


 purified water, fish collagen peptide, xylitol,

probiotic fermented, greentea powder,

fructooligosaccaharide, lemon concentrate, pomeogranate

flavor, citric acid, vitamin C, trisodium citrate, calcium lactate,

enzymatically modified stevia, gellan gum, pumpkin seed

extract, elastin peptide, milk ceramide, hyaluronic acid, biotin

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